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  • Funfiltered Episode #059 - "Ineffective Insincerity"

    Funfiltered Episode #059 - "Ineffective Insincerity"Esplicito

    Sam “speaking”. The relationship between content and blurb is one encumbered. Well, for me it is. I imagine for most it’s as simple as prioritising the production of their vid and, knowing as they do that fucker none reads the “de...

  • Funfiltered Episode #058 - "A Basket of Pre-Existing Winners"

    Funfiltered Episode #058 - "A Basket of Pre-Existing Winners"Esplicito

    Sam writing.-----FADE IN:INT. LIVING ROOM - NIGHTSAM (27, overweight) sits at the table. He stares bleary-eyed at his laptop. It’s early morning and it’s showing. He eyes a pack of cigarettes.S moves the mouse, opening a document ...

  • Funfiltered Episode #057 - "Reliably Competent Pap"

    Funfiltered Episode #057 - "Reliably Competent Pap"Esplicito

    Sam "speaking".‘Tis the age of the podcast, the business page, the second Instagram profile for one's hobby/vocation/the boundary is ambiguous, etc. And so it’s a safe assumption that you know some poor Gen Y sap peddling their wa...

  • Funfiltered Episode #056 - "120 Days of Bolognese Sodom"

    Funfiltered Episode #056 - "120 Days of Bolognese Sodom"Esplicito

    Sam "speaking". I had a book called Children’s Miscellany as a child, appropriately. Saturated with trivia, it nurtured the glazomaniac (list junkie) and pub quiz aficionado in me. It forever equipped me with the ability to recite...

  • Funfiltered Episode #055 - "The Oink Chromosome"

    Funfiltered Episode #055 - "The Oink Chromosome"Esplicito

    Sam "speaking". Fine. I will acknowledge you, you tormenting tusker, since you so rudely refuse to loaf elsewhere. Don’t look at me with those big Dumbo eyes, it inseminates unbearable shame! And yes, readers, you’re welcome for t...