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Richard, Frankie and THE Jake discus what ever topic they want to. Each episode one of us picks a topic that we take a deep dive into. Social's Frankie @fbd45 (everywhere) Richard @RichardDezerga Youtube/ Richard DeZerga THE JAKE ....... 

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  • The Thing Vs. The Thing

    The Thing Vs. The ThingEsplicito

    Podcasts instagram @mystery.podcastRich's Social Media:'s Social Media:

  • The Spider-Man Trilogy: Does It Hold Up? Ep.2

    The Spider-Man Trilogy: Does It Hold Up? Ep.2Esplicito

    The new podcasts instagram is @mystery.podcast    Timestamps: Spider Man 1: 8:57 Spider Man 2: 53:54 Spider Man 3: 1:19:18 Rich's Social Media: http...


    6 Crazy CONSPIRACY THEORIESEsplicito

    In the first episode of the ??? Podcast, we go over six crazy conspiracy theories! Continuing on with the Glorious Month Of Halloween, here are some spooky conspiracy theories! I hope you enjoy! Timestamps: Proctor & Gamble: 5...