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How to Handle Fame if Your Podcast Goes Viral



Many new podcasters dream of hitting it big. But, are you ready for it? In this post, we explore how to handle fame if your show goes viral.

Before we get to that, how can you go viral in the first place?

How to Make Your Podcast Go Viral

It starts with killer content

You need to release content that resonates with your audience.

Be consistent with your release schedule

You’re unlikely to ever hit it big when you publish new episodes sporadically. It usually takes time to build a loyal following, so you have to show up consistently.

Catchy headlines for the win

Give people a reason to click! Not click-bait, but something that will capture their attention and make them want to listen in.

Your headlines and descriptions must be optimized for search engines too!

Optimizing your headlines using keyword and phrases people are already searching for gives you a better chance of being found by new listeners.

how to make money as a podcaster

Your promotion/marketing strategy must be well thought out and executed properly

Random posts on Facebook aren’t going to cut it!

Read our post on social media for podcasters to learn how to create an effective social media marketing strategy for your podcast.

While you’re at it, create an editorial calendar for both your episodes, and promotions.

Since you’re already promoting yourself, be sure to add your show to every podcast directory that is out there as well.

Feature big guests, and guest podcast on big shows

Having influencers or other popular podcasters will help increase awareness for your show! If you never have anyone noteworthy on your show, it’s less likely that you will go viral.

Read our posts on landing big guests, and on guest podcasting to learn more about growing your show by leveraging other people’s audiences.

Encourage your listeners to share your podcast

Did you know that your fans and followers can be your biggest marketing channel? Utilize your audience to help you grow your show.
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What to Do When You Go Viral

By following the tips above, you can start gaining traction, and with a little luck, you might be fortunate enough to go viral.

What happens then?

First, take a deep breath! This will be very exciting for most people, but it can also feel overwhelming.

The best time to make a plan for leveraging your new found fame is before you actually go viral.

Check out these tips for everything you should be doing if your show suddenly explodes.

Share more on social media

Fuel the fire by continuing to share the episode or episodes that are taking off, and make sure to tag any relevant guests as well.
Hopefully, your guests will share and comment to keep the virality flame going strong.

Maintain consistency

This is the most important time to keep up with your release schedule. And, if you have any bonus content you’ve been saving for a rainy day, now is the time to give the people what they want – more of you!

Too many podcasters fizzle out after going viral because they don’t maintain a consistent schedule for new releases.

This is the primary reason we’re such big advocates for managing your podcast workflow as efficiently as possible. Having episodes ready to schedule for release can help you immensely when your show suddenly takes off.

Bring on help

When you go viral, this is the time to pull out all the stops. Send press releases in an effort to get mainstream media attention.

Get someone to help with your social media engagement. You could even hire part time help to write up an FAQ page that you can set up as an autoresponder for new fan mail.

Release the merch you’ve been hanging on to

You know the saying, strike while the iron is hot? Well, if you have gone viral it’s time to strike!

Check out our post on the Do’s and Don’ts of creating products for your audience.

Take time to rest

Podcaster burnout is real, so while you want to take advantage of your virality, you also don’t want to end up quitting because it got too overwhelming.

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Don’t go it alone

There is a saying that “no man is an island.” It’s best to not try and do everything on your own if you go viral.

We’re not talking about hiring help for podcast-related tasks in this case. We mean rely on friends and family to cheer you on, and help you stay grounded at the same time.

Newfound fame can mess with your head, and you need people that loved you before you went viral to be in your corner through the ebbs and flows that will inevitably follow.

Don’t let it define you

Marilyn Monroe said, “Fame doesn’t fulfill you. It warms you a bit, and that warmth is temporary.”

Too many people get a viral hit and then, if they can’t repeat it, feel like a failure.

While many of us want to make money from our passions, even going viral won’t guarantee monetary success. And, it certainly won’t guarantee happiness.

Don’t let this moment define your future. Keep putting in the work, and be ready for moments of fame, but never rely on it to feel fulfilled.

Take advantage of any success that comes your way, and remember that delivering value to your audience is what is most important.

Spreading your voice, and connecting with the people that need your message – that’s a better gift than any fleeting moment of virality can ever give you.

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