How to Get Mainstream Media Attention for Your Podcast

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Like any business, message, or movement, podcasts need to be placed in front of people in order to gain traction. Though podcasts are growing in popularity and cornering the market of audio entertainment, some podcasters still seek out the mainstream media to grow even faster and become a household name.

Mainstream media attention brings your podcast to the larger public – even to the people that might not yet be listening to podcasts. (GASP! They still exist.) Therefore, you get more coverage and reach a more diverse audience.

Simply put, if you can garner attention from the likes of The Today Show, Ellen, Good Morning America, or a similar outlet, you can build a name for yourself that much faster. However, getting mainstream media coverage can be a daunting task to say the very least. Your best bet? Be strategic, patient, and resilient as you attempt to get noticed. Above all, making a careful and guided plan is the trick to getting booked on the big stages. Here are some strategies you can use to try and garner mainstream media attention for your show:

1. Do Your Research

Pitches are great, but when you pitch the right information to the wrong media stream, it doesn’t help anyone. To make matters worse, it can leave the media outlet you reach out to with a sour taste about your podcast making it that much harder for them to use you as a source for something that is relevant.

That’s why it’s a good idea to research the media outlet you are approaching ahead of time to learn what they cover so you can determine whether or not they would have an interest in your show. Most media outlets air different content based on their viewers. Watching or listening to them, and reading their website should help you determine whether your podcast topics match up with what they cover.

Pro Tip

Think outside the box if you can’t find anyone covering anything related to your podcast.

A great example of this is using your story, not your podcast topic. Let’s say the outlet of your dreams is covering single mothers that are entrepreneurs. Though your podcast might not be the star, if you’re a single mom running your own business, you might be a good fit for the show, and you can share how you’re using your podcast to get the word out about your business.
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2. Be Clear With Your Message and Have Current Matters Top of Mind

Have a clear vision and message. Your pitch should be very specific. You must also explain what’s in it for them. Why should their audience care? This is why it’s important to keep up with current events – it gives you an added advantage because if something related to your topic is in the news right now, you’re more likely to be featured as a guest.

With all that said, you shouldn’t cover current events on your podcast just to get mainstream coverage! Podcasting something other than the topics you normally would cover will just confuse your regular audience. Instead, keep things simple by keeping your ear to the ground for relevant and current matters that line up with what you’re already covering.

3. Connect With Journalists, TV Producers, Editors, and Executives

It’s not always easy to get their attention, but when you have excellent content to offer, it’s much easier. And, don’t just focus on the on-air talent. Find out who the producers are, and who the people are that actually book the guests. Feed them something current, prove that you’re a reliable source. Also, be prepared to prove you’re an expert on the topic in question. (Hint: this is why niching down is so important! Covering one thing and doing it well sets you up as an expert with ease!)

Pro Tip

Reach out and get on their radar before you ever make a pitch to be on their media outlet.

Find outlets, broadcasters, anchors, writers, etc … on Twitter and retweet their tweets. Share their Facebook posts and comment on their stories. Go to events they will be at. This will make them more likely to recognize your name when you ultimately send a pitch to be featured. Like most things in business, getting media coverage is all about building relationships.

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4. Choose the Right Means to Send Your Pitch

How you connect is just as important as what you’re connecting about. This determines whether your message will be received by the right person, and if it’s a timely topic, whether or not you’ll make it in time. In many cases, email is the best way to reach out to media outlets. On the other hand, some outlets prefer you only use their contact forms on their website. In rare cases, there’s a news desk with a phone number you can call.

Pro Tip

When sending emails, don’t attach anything, especially if it’s your first time corresponding with someone.

Most spam filters at media outlets block emails from outsiders that have attachments for security reasons. If you need to share a file, it’s best to link to it via a Dropbox or Google Drive link.

5. Set Reasonable Goals

If you’re new to podcasting, getting a plethora of coverage might not be possible right off the bat. That is unless you strike some viral gold. For everyone else, setting clear goals has always been the trick to success in business and in life. Not only putting them on paper, but also pursuing them with courage and ambition. Think about what your main goal is, and work backwards to achieve it.

For example, if your goal is to get on The Today Show write it at the top of your goal list. Then, reverse engineer what it would take to get on that particular show. This may mean you have to get interviewed by local news outlets first, or that you have to reach out to your contacts to see if anyone knows someone who works with the show. You might need a media kit, or it could mean that you need to increase your reach on social media. You could even tag the outlet on social media when something you’re podcasting about is covered on their show too.

Having goals in mind will make it easier to achieve them because when we see them written down, we are more likely to work on them. Share your goals with your network as well. You never know who you might be connected to.

6. Be Available

Be available when they make contact. If it is a struggle to reach you when the time comes, you might miss the boat! There’s nothing worse than all the work that you have done to get their attention going to waste. Put your contact information on your website, and in your pitch, and then take all calls and answer emails when they come in. If you can’t keep your phone on or can’t check your email, if it’s really important to you, you might even consider employing someone to answer your phone for you and come and get you in case the big call comes.

It's Time to Make a List of Dream Outlets To Reach Out To

What are you waiting for? Your podcast is amazing, and it deserves mainstream attention. Start making your dream list of media outlets, and get to work! Who knows? You could end up being bigger than you ever thought possible with exclusive endorsement deals, and record sponsorship offers. The sky’s the limit, and we believe in you!

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