New Updates to the RSS Platform in Q2 2021

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If you saw our Q1 update, you know that Podcasting is committed to making our platform the best in the business.

We are excited to share our most recent updates and product releases in Q2 2021.

April 2021

In April 2021 we released and or upgraded the following features:
  • New heatmap stats
  • New device stats
  • New application stats
  • New platform stats
  • Sign-in loading time reduced by 25%
  • Episode scheduler UX improved
  • Mobile podcast page improved
  • Email validation process improved with a new copy/paste feature
  • We also fixed some bugs, and improved security Podcasting Analytics
New and improved stats.

May 2021

In May, we had another important deployment in production where we fixed a few more small bugs, and improved or upgraded more features. 

Our Stats API version two was deployed, and we’re thrilled to report it’s 10 times faster than the previous version. Our stats graphs were improved, along with our Spanish and Italian translations.

Another big win was decreasing the load time of our homepage to provide a faster experience for our visitors. 

google page speed test

June 2021

In June we deployed a beta release of our new community section that allows visitors to search for, and discover podcasts hosted on our platform. Two weeks after it’s release, our development team made the page even better, and we have to say, it looks amazing!

In June we also converted our “Add Ons” tab to “Settings.” We also improved the text on English, Italian and Spanish pages, and added an option called “Podcast Locked” which is a copy protection created to prevent unauthorized copies of your podcast episodes on other platforms.

podcast copy protection
Finally, we improved our mobile layout. Stay tuned because our next release of updates/improvements will include chapters/soundbites, and our brand new embedded player!

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