How to Add Chapters to Your Podcast

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Podcast Chapters - What Are They, and How Do They Work?

You’ve likely already seen chapters added to YouTube videos, but what about in a podcast? 

Below we’re breaking down what podcast chapters are, how they work, and why you should add them to your podcast episodes.

What Are Podcast Chapters?

Simply put, podcast chapters are timestamps in an audio file that provide your listeners with a way to jump to specific parts in your episodes. Podcast chapters include unique images, titles and links. 

Podcast chapters are great feature to offer your fans as they can use this timeline of the key moments in your episodes to quickly access the parts they are most interested in. 

Also, if someone needs to stop listening part way through an episode, they can use chapters to skip right to the spot where they left off.

Cool right? 

How Do I Set up Chapters?

You’ll begin by opening your dashboard. From there, you will hover over the episode you’d like to to add chapters to.

Click the three dots on the right hand side, and then click “Chapters.”

Podcast Chapters 1

Select “Chapters” and a new window will open that gives you the option to add a new chapter.

You’ll be able to select the beginning and end point of each chapter, and add custom chapter art that gives your listeners visual clues as to the focus of each chapter.

💡 Tip: The minimum size for chapter art is 1400 x 1400 px. Need help creating podcast chapter and podcast cover art? Try

Once you have added all of your chapters, here’s a preview of how they’ll look when someone clicks on one of your episodes:

bloggy friends show

The example above is from The Bloggy Friends Show, hosted right here on!

Why You Need Podcast Chapters

Podcast chapters are the next evolution in elevating the user experience for people listening to podcast episodes. 

Stay on the cutting edge with your show and start implementing chapters into your podcast episodes. 

If your thinking of starting a podcast or have an existing show, you can sign up for a free Podcasting account today.

And, if you’re already hosting with us, you can easily edit and update all of your episodes to include chapters.

Happy podcasting! 

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