The Power & Essence of Personal Branding. Ep 29- Dan Ram

The Zista Podcast by Zista Education

Episode notes

How do some individuals effortlessly become unforgettable? The secret lies in masterful personal branding.Dive into the latest episode of The Zista Podcast, where we welcome Dan Ram, a branding connoisseur with tales from 10 different corners of the world. We explore the very core of branding, its pivotal role today, and provide a blueprint for moulding a standout personal brand. From confronting hurdles to revamping your brand image, this episode is brimming with insights. This episode offers tailored approaches for students to shine, and transformative branding techniques for all.About The Zista Podcast: Zista Podcast addresses recurrent queries raised by students relating to a specific subject area. We invite industry professionals, senior academicians, and thought leaders to share insights, and provide much-n ... 

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