Telecom Unbundled. Ep 23- Prateek Pashine

The Zista Podcast by Zista Education

Episode notes

Welcome to an insightful episode of The Zista Podcast: "Telecom Unbundled." Today, we navigate the exciting world of telecommunications, demystifying its operations and highlighting the potential it holds.Our guest, Prateek Pashine, is a trailblazer at Jio, India's leading telecom firm. With experience across B2C and B2B markets and a keen interest in digital transformation and 5G technology, Prateek provides valuable insights into our exploration of the telecom industry.Together, we uncover the various roles within a ‘telecom services’ firm and discuss the structure of this dynamic industry. We delve into departments ranging from network operations to sales, painting a holistic picture of the sector.For students and emerging professionals, this episode serves as a comprehensive guide to the telecom sector. We ex ... 

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