Exploring Behavioral Shifts in the Mining Industry - Therese Muirhead and David Andrews

Wikistrat Insider by Wikistrat

Episode notes

Wikistrat's CEO, Oren Kesler spoke with Therese Muirhead and David Andrews from Sandpit Innovation to discuss the future of the mining industry in light of increased social awareness and rapid technological developments. This podcast took place as part of Wikistrat's "Digital Mining in the Age of Social Awareness" simulation which recently concluded.

Therese Muirhead is a Senior Consultant at Sandpit. She is a psychologist and organizational development specialist with 14 years of experience working within and for organizations across various industries.

David Andrews is a Principal Mining Engineer at Sandpit, and he has more than 20 years of experience in the mining industry, most of it with Vale, where he was the Director for Mining Technical Services at the North Atlantic region.