Whisper ;) Podcast Explicit

by Zac Tyler & Dylan Gomez

Looking for something new and riveting? Possibly something that you've never even heard of before. Zac and Dylan your new favorite theybies bring you a podcast where the fine arts, true crime, and mental health are a throuple.  

Podcast episodes

  • E15 - Urks & Perks 5 (The Rundown)

    E15 - Urks & Perks 5 (The Rundown)Explicit

    Hello babies, Zac and Dylan are back with our Urks & Perks but... a little different this time around. This month we bring you the most of the most informal convo, including but not limited to, Lil Nas bottoming for Satan, how the...

  • E14 - Urks & Perks 4

    E14 - Urks & Perks 4

    Well hello Babies! Zac and Dylan are back with the news stories of February. Including updates from pasts Urks & Perks episodes along with some rather... grotesque articles. Including what John Filmore thinks of the trans communit...

  • E13 - [BONUS EP] #FreeBritney

    E13 - [BONUS EP] #FreeBritney

    Happy Valentines Day! We made a special episode just for you. This week join Zac and Dylan as they give their commentary on the #FreeBritney movement. From speaking about her childhood and her rise to stardom to where she is today...

  • E12 - Urks & Perks 3

    E12 - Urks & Perks 3Explicit

    Guess who's back?!?!?! Your Theybies Zac & Dylan have return with the news you may have missed in January. Urks from Zac that will make you question why humanity is the way it is. Followed by Dylan coming in to cleanse your pallet...

  • E11 - Love or Evil? The Death of Conrad Roy

    E11 - Love or Evil? The Death of Conrad RoyExplicit

    This week your Theybies' Zac and Dylan bring you the unfortunate death of Conrad Roy. Conrad's friend Michelle seemed like she had good intentions but ended up taking a turn in the opposite direction. What changed Michelles demean...