The How: Resource-Constrained Contexts in Malawi

Conversations From The WASH Room / Charlemos de ASH by Water For People

Episode notes

Welcome to Water For People's technical podcast – Conversations From The WASH Room.

In each episode of our first series, we’ll dig into The How of System Strengthening with experts in WASH systems change and sustainability. Today, Crispin Songola, District WASH Officer in Chikwawa, Malawi is joined by Kate Harawa, Director of Influence and Scale with Water For People in Malawi. These Everyone Forever model champions will be discussing systems change in an extremely resource-constrained context.


Bienvenido al podcast técnico de Water For People: Charlemos de ASH. En cada episodio de nuestra primera serie, profundizaremos en el Cómo del Fortalecimiento de Sistema con expertos en el cambio de sistema ASH y la sostenibilidad.

Hoy, Crispin Songola, Oficial Distrital de ASH en Chikwawa, Malawi, se une a Kate  ... 

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