23 Voices from Kenya: Discussing the important work of Home Street Home

Visions of a Better World by Global Visions

Episode notes

In our latest episode we invite you to take some time to learn about the important work of Home Street Home and the insights of two of its founding members Salim Edward and Viola Wallenius. The episode stretches a bit long and we had a sweet toddler rambling about in the background but that should not overshadow the important discussion we had. This is an opportunity to gain multiple perspectives on global development and life in Kenya through the lived experiences of Salim and Viola, who both work and live in Makongeni, a small village in Kenya where Home Street Home is based. Home Street Home is a non-profit organization that is registered in Finland, Kenya and Switzerland. The aim of the organization is to promote children’s and youth’s education, wellbeing and health in the area of Kwale County, Kenya. We discuss the challenges the community  ... 

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