Learn how to calculate Airbnb ROI (Return on Investment) for your Vacation Rental in 10 minutes.

Vacation Rentals with John by Vacation Rental & Airbnb Coach

Episode notes

Tim and John walk you through calculating simple ROI (Return on Investment) for a vacation rental or Airbnb investment. This is simple ROI, note there are other ways to calculate ROI for an airbnb property.

Calculating simple Airbnb ROI (Return on Investment):

  • Monthly expenses - tally up your monthly expenses (electric, water, pool, maintenance, streaming, cable, etc.)

  • Divide annual fees by 12 to get the monthly number

  • Calculate per rental day expense by dividing monthly expense by number of days in the month

  • If you are charging $500 per night subtract commissions paid to OTA and to property manager

  • Subtract daily cost of rental (For example $238) to get net income

  • Annualize this number and divide by the cost of your airbnb investm ... 

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