Ep. 107:(Part 4) Stories I WISH would have made it into Black Hawk Down- Dan Jollota

Unbeatable by Jeff Struecker

Episode notes

For the 4th piece in this mini-series of stories I WISH would have made into the book or movie, Black Hawk Down, I was honored to sit down with Dan Jollota, a highly accomplished Army Aviator who served for 40 years, retiring as a Chief Warrant Officer 5 (something very few Americans have achieved). In his career, he was assigned to several Special Operations aviation units, and his skill, commitment, and courage in Somalia in 1993 was instrumental in saving many lives.

You’ll hear:

  • About his incredible career, which includes over 6,000 skydiving jumps and over 10,000 flight hours
  • Why I believe Night Stalker pilots are the greatest helicopter pilots on the planet
  • Why there’s such a tight bond and dedication between pilots and ground forces, especially in combat
  • 2 inspiring stories of ‘staying in t ... 
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