Think Possible: transforming lives through supported education

by National Learning Network

At National Learning Network (NLN) we are on a mission to change the conversation around inclusive, supported education and level the playing field for those who need a little more support to reach their educational, career and personal goals.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Autism Supports through NLN

    Autism Supports through NLN

    This episode highlights work of Cara Autism Support Services offered through our NLN Waterford Centre and two of our students with autism who attend NLN Tralee in Co. Kerry.

  • Hospitality Inc

    Hospitality Inc

    The inaugural episode of National Learning Network's podcast, Think Possible, highlights one of the organisation's newer initiatives. Hospitality Inc. is a training course offered in Co. Mayo to assist people who may need additional support secure employment in the hospitality industry.

  • College Awareness Week

    College Awareness Week

    We hear from Val Real, Area Manager for NLN's Limerick and Clare centres. We discuss the student-focused supports and opportunities NLN has to offer during Ireland's National College Awareness Week.