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by A.Proctor Group

Welcome to The Proctor Podcast, hosted by our Managing Director, Keira Proctor. Join us as we explore and debate the latest trends, innovations, and insights in the construction industry. Whether you're a seasoned Podcast professional or a novice, our expert guests will keep you informed, inspired and entertained. Tune in as we explore the world of construction, where we build knowledge and challenge opinion, one episode at  ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • 2. Myths Around Airtightness | The Proctor Podcast

    2. Myths Around Airtightness | The Proctor Podcast

    In this episode, Keira Proctor (Managing Director) is joined by Pamela Howat (Senior Technical Advisor) and James Brackenreed Johnston (Head of Facades). We address the common myths and misconceptions around airtightness in construction. Discover the truths behind airtightness, its impact on building performance, and why it's crucial for energy efficiency and comfort. Tune in for expert insights, practical tips, and a closer look into how crucial airtightness can be for the success of a building project. Don't miss this informative conversation!

  • 1. What's the Future for Modular? | The Proctor Podcast

    1. What's the Future for Modular? | The Proctor Podcast

    In this episode of The Proctor Podcast, Keira is joined by Will Jones (Head of Business Development) and Adam Salt (Business & Development Manager). We delve into the exciting and rapidly evolving world of modular construction. Join us as we explore the latest innovations, trends, and technologies shaping the future of modular building. From sustainability and efficiency to design flexibility and cost-effectiveness, we discuss how modular construction is poised to revolutionise the industry. Tune in to hear expert insights and a look at what's next for this ground-breaking approach to building.