Episode 7: Dalia Hoffman (Friedrich Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center)

Published: Dec 29 2020

Dalia has been teaching English in Chicago, IL, for the last twelve years after concluding that a career in Human Resources Management could not offer either intrinsic satisfaction or intellectual challenges. In 2008, while pursuing her teacher certification, she began teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) and college readiness skills at a local community college. Upon completing the teacher certification with endorsements in English and ESL, she transitioned into teaching English language and literature at a public high school, focusing primarily on AP Literature.

She first joined the POGIL community in 2012, and she now writes and utilizes her own POGIL activities in order to teach poetry, reading and literary analysis of poetry, as well as grammar. Dalia holds a M.A. in Medieval English Literature (Michigan State University) and a B.A. in English Literature and Judaic Studies (University of Michigan).