The Outsiders Podcast: Race, Justice & Jesus

by Neil Sandlin & Tyler Frantz

Two white, Christian men having a conversation regarding race, justice and Jesus, and how to love your neighbor as yourself.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Should Christians Be Woke?

    Should Christians Be Woke?

    The guys are back from a brief hiatus to discuss all things WOKE and whether or not Christian's should reject or redeem the idea.

  • Can Color Blindness Cure Racism?

    Can Color Blindness Cure Racism?

    Is color blindness an effective way to combat racism? Did MLK condone and speak in favor of it? In this episode Neil and Tyler discuss whether it is helpful and loving for Christians to "not see color."

  • Representation in Sports

    Representation in Sports

    Tyler and Neil conclude their representation series by continuing their celebration of African American contributions. This time in Sports.

  • Representation in Music

    Representation in Music

    Tyler and Neil celebrate the abundant achievements and influence of African American musicians throughout history and today.

  • Representation in Film and TV

    Representation in Film and TV

    As part two of their Diversity and Representation series, Tyler and Neil celebrate the many rich contributions that the African American community has made to TV and Film.