Firebreak my Heart

The Network Age by Bichul Ritsen and Habsul Rignyr

Episode notes

In this special episode, the boys discuss the power of combining digital money with social graphs and the forthcoming software explosion, analyzing what aspects of the physical world are replicable (or improvable) in the impending metaverse. All this plus our takes on digital cities, whack-ass Porsche SUVs, and why none of us live in Boston anymore.

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  • 0:00—Incredible banter

  • 1:38—Productivity "firebreaks"

  • 5:59—We live in a bad metaverse

  • 8:26—Money plus social graphs captures community energy

  • 14:57—Social graphs on Urbit

  • 17:49—The impending software explosion

  • 23:13—How bullish should we be?

  • 26:03—What happens when we remove digital friction? Wh ... 

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