The Most Northerly Doctor In Britain

by Michelle Langthorne

This podcast shares the thoughts and events through diaries recorded by a GP from the South of England, Dr Ann Marshall, who took a sabbatical on the northerly most Isle of Unst, Shetland. She was the sole doctor and GP providing routine and emergency care on the island for a period, last Autumn (2023). We listen to her audio diary together and then chat off the back of those diary entries

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • 6. The First Winter Storm And Saying Goodbye

    6. The First Winter Storm And Saying Goodbye

    Dr Ann Marshall relates some of her last shifts, out of work pursuits and experiences a Shetland Isle Winter Storm as well as a final goodbye to Unst and her role as the most northerly doctor in Britain.

  • 5. Getting In To It

    5. Getting In To It

    Dr Marshall deals with her first solo weekend, which turns out to be a busy one. And as the days pass she seems to be acclimatising to the responsibility of her role, as well as making the most of the small windows of free time she has, in beautiful Unst, Shetland.

  • 4. Northerly Exposure

    4. Northerly Exposure

    Finally we see Dr Ann Marshall starting her new role on Unst, Shetland and her first day gets off to a dramatic start!

  • 3. Arrival

    3. Arrival

    Just a couple of ferry hops and a skip away from Unst, Ann squeezes in a visit to the Isle of Whalsay, where Dr Andy Hall gives her a taste of what it's like to run and work as a Doctor in a remote Shetland Isle, medical practice. Finally, she sets foot on Unst and it's time to explore her spectacular surroundings.

  • 2. Nearly There

    2. Nearly There

    Waiting quayside to board the ferry to Unst, Dr Ann Marshall, reflects on a pleasurable cycle along the Hebredian Way. As well as more thoughts about her new role as she gets that much closer to landing on the most northerly Isle of Britain.