The Karmic Path

by Laura Van Tyne

This podcast is dedicated to helping us all understand how the unseen world works. How negative energies and entities can control us and take pieces of our soul and free will. In each episode, we will also discuss steps we can take to maintain and even improve our soul health!

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • A Deep Dive with Gene Decode

    A Deep Dive with Gene Decode

    Gene’s Deep Dive content can be found on Questions can be directed to people's local coordinators by visiting AI, soul health, narcissists, the power of prayer and a lot more. And most importantly, in order for humanity to rid itself of the darknesses, we need to learn to be of service to others. Check out Gene's Deep Dive content, if you are unsure of how you can help others.

  • Aaron Kuhn Up Close and Personal

    Aaron Kuhn Up Close and Personal

    At the 38 minute point, zoom dropped Aaron and I decided to play a 20 second clip of some of Aaron's original music.I really learned to appreciate the time and dedication Aaron has spent seeking universal truths and knowledge and sharing them to the world.When we were talking about temporal wars, our connection was cut for a long while. So I took advantage of it and when you hear the music, that is Aaron’s. If you want to listen to more, here is the link: highly recommend joining their Patreon for exclusive content:

  • How the Reptilians Captured Elizabeth

    How the Reptilians Captured Elizabeth

    There is a lot of information on how the dark side tries to rob us of our soul sovereignty. At the same time, there is information to help us all break out of that matrix. • If a person dies of an overdose, chances are they are not aware they have died and need help. The dark entities that puppet addicts in life will continue to haunt and harass them in death. • If you have a loved one who is dying, bring in teams of angels to protect them and to help cross them over. This book contains simple and effective ways to help you help others and yourself.

  • Tyler Kiwala Raw and Unfiltered

    Tyler Kiwala Raw and Unfiltered

    I recently had the privilege to sit down with Tyler Kiwala from Journey to Truth Podcast. Tyler opened up about his personal experiences that Here he shares with us all, many of his personal experiences, from levitation to a literal heartbreak and how the dark side changes and pivots to try to keep access to us. Check out Tyler @journeytotruthpodcast

  • Entity Attachments

    Entity Attachments

    This is a brief description of some of the types of beings that affect us all.