Episode 14: Terry Chilibeck, retired helicopter pilot/former inspector Ministry of Transportation, and Dr. Matthew Pamenter on naked mole-rats

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Episode notes

Today on the show,

Councillor Catherine McKenney opens the show from this week’s council meeting, questioning Mayor Jim Watson over his ousting of Councillors Diane Deans, Rawlson King, Carol Anne Meehan and Sandy Smallwood from the Ottawa police services board.

This week Ottawa police chief Peter Sloly resigned and the councillors were ousted over the selection of a new interim police chief, the police services board wanted to hire Matthew Torigian, a former police chief from Waterloo, who was also a former deputy solicitor general in Ontario. Torigian is also a distinguished fellow at the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy at the University of Toronto.

The Mayor and his council supporters argue that Torigian was an outsider and didn't know the city of Ottawa, his critics say, that was the point.

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