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by The Crit Cast Podcast

This is an ACTUAL PLAY PODCAST. We are a small D&D group who play online using ROLL20, DISCORD, SYRINSCAPE to tell amazing adventures together. We upload every Wednesday. 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • S01 E16 - The Way is Set

    S01 E16 - The Way is SetExplicit

    A unfavorable passage means some ill fates lie in the snow for the group. It is a Battle Episode!

    Sep 01 2021
    Sep 01 2021
  • S01 E15 - Headed West

    S01 E15 - Headed WestExplicit

    The group has decided to go after a ship from Idana's Past, traveling west. Running into towns of the past and visiting childhood pasts. A time of reflection and a few brawls.

    Aug 25 2021
    Aug 25 2021
  • S01 E14 - Episode 14

    S01 E14 - Episode 14Explicit

    The gang decides on what they do next, and head to Easthaven. There they run into some political groups looking for political pull. Vell's past comes crashing back.

    Aug 20 2021
    Aug 20 2021
  • S01 E13 - New Beginnings

    S01 E13 - New Beginnings Explicit

    The group wrestles with the past and choices made. They are once again thrust right into the heat of things. Friends lost, new friends gained, and maybe a new hope.

    Aug 11 2021
    Aug 11 2021
  • S01 E12 - End of Chapter 1

    S01 E12 - End of Chapter 1Explicit

    The group is finishing their exploration of the Id Ascendant. They must confront fears and push themselves to their limits and even more. What has been building up may finally have some answers.

    Jul 28 2021
    Jul 28 2021