The Botstiber Podcast

by Luke Morgante

The Habsburg Empire may have collapsed following WWI, but the impacts left by the diverse multilingual state continue to affect the world, today. The Botstiber Podcast brings together historians, politicians, authors and more to help illustrate the connections shared by the various lands of the former Habsburg Empire and the United States. 

Podcast episodes

  • E02 - Deborah Cohen

    E02 - Deborah Cohen

    Following WWI, five American journalists carved out their legacies abroad as foreign correspondents. These five, referred to as the "Inner Circle" by Professor Cohen, were paramount to reporting on the dismaying rise of dictators ...

  • E01 - Dominique K. Reill

    E01 - Dominique K. Reill

    In the first episode of The Botstiber Podcast, Luke sits down with Dr. Reill to discuss the crisis city of Fiume, known today as Rijeka, Croatia. Fiume faced immense challenges between 1918-21 after the dissolution of the Austro-H...