Spectre: A Vampire the Masquerade ChronicleExplicit

by Studio KEEPER

With the conclusion of the nightmarish Marvolio Killings a hollow success for the coterie, Joseph Rose-Price and Kamila Mansouri are the new up-and-comers in the vampire world -- but they don't have long to celebrate. The duo's young apprentice Vittoria Giovanni has vanished leaving only bloodied bedsheets and a shattered pearl necklace in her wake as the forces of chaos gather on the horizon in the form of the Sabbat, a violen... Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • S02 E02 - S2E2: Faith In Strangers

    S02 E02 - S2E2: Faith In StrangersExplicit

    Joseph and Kamila run into a multitude of trouble as they reopen Vita Notturna. Charlotte is pressured to go against her morals by a jilted business partner. Complete summary available here.

  • S02 E01 - S2E1: Strawberry Fields Forever

    S02 E01 - S2E1: Strawberry Fields ForeverExplicit

    Joseph and Kamila tie up some loose ends while attending a send-off for a good friend. In San Gabriel Valley, trouble brews. Complete summary available here.

  • Season 1

  • S01 E09 - S1E8, Part 2: The Great Marvolio

    S01 E09 - S1E8, Part 2: The Great MarvolioExplicit

    The coterie visit another world as the Great Marvolio's final performance reaches a crescendo. Complete summary available here.

  • S01 E08 - S1E8, Part 1: The Great Marvolio

    S01 E08 - S1E8, Part 1: The Great MarvolioExplicit

    The final battle against Marvin begins. Complete summary available here.

  • S01 E07 - S1E7: Bloodhound

    S01 E07 - S1E7: BloodhoundExplicit

    The coterie gear up for the fight against Marvin whilst meeting some new and old friends and foes. Complete summary available here.