Questionable Sanity Podcast

by Questionable Sanity Podcast

Improv comedy podcast created by Michael Lamberty and Klayton Dorn

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  • Season 2

  • POV: Using a Public Restroom

    POV: Using a Public Restroom

    Ever get anxious when using a restroom while out and about? Shy bladder? This episode is especially for you.Music Credits:Jimena Contreras - Classic MariachiMariachi Music - MÚSICA MARIACHI INSTRUMENTAL VERSIÓN [TMSC]

  • Fever Dream Central

    Fever Dream Central

    Please enjoy our biggest rollercoaster of an episode to date. In true 'questionable sanity' we're taking you all on a vacation to the pool in today's episode. Make sure to bring y'er MONSTA-COINS.Music:Dramatic atmosphere with piano and violin by UNIVERSFIELDScary Spooky Music by Dmitry TarasSuspense Dark Ambient by Anton KornienkoBack to the 80s by Roman Oriekhov on PixabaySinister Power Rising by Gioele FazzeriInfinity Heroes by Gioele FazzeriDeep in the Dell by Geoff Harvey

  • Two Youtubers Explore The Catacombs

    Two Youtubers Explore The Catacombs

    Two obnoxious Youtubers find their way into one of the spookiest places on earth trying to capture footage for their next viral hit. But what awaits them in there is far worse than a low battery warning. Without cell service they must think quickly to avoid their impending doom!

  • Spooky Campfire Stories II

    Spooky Campfire Stories II

    We're glad you could make it back to camp this year in time for some more spooky stories. Bundle up and join us around the campfire for a terrifying tale told by whispers in the area. Music - Creepy Music Box - Halloween Music - Horror Scary Spooky Dark Ambientby Dmitry Taras

  • Prelude




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