Tilda and Quatsch Monster

by Matt Wilson

TILDA AND QUATSCH MONSTER is a children’s fantasy novel for the ears, about a bored kid and the weird magical monster she meets outside her family’s new apartment. The shapeshifting creature has the power to turn Tilda‘s imagination into reality, transforming everyday challenges into wild adventures. RECORDED by Studio Flünk MUSIC by Björn Leese ILLUSTRATION by Luisa Bergande INSTAGRAM & FB: @quatschmonster CONTACT US: quatsch... Read more

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  • Season 1

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    S01 - TRAILER - Season 1

    S01 - TRAILER - Season 1

    Tilda is a wild kid with an epic imagination. After her family moves to a new apartment, she thinks she is doomed to a life of boredom—until she discovers a weird, magical creature living right in her own backyard!

  • S01 E01 - Chapter 1 - The Swing

    S01 E01 - Chapter 1 - The Swing

    Matt kicks-off the show by completing a short audience survey with you, the listener. After that, it’s on to the story of how a broken swing led Tilda to first meet Quatsch Monster. Do you think her parents will believe her?

  • S01 E02 - Chapter 2 - Hide and Seek

    S01 E02 - Chapter 2 - Hide and Seek

    Matt teaches kid-listeners a simple strategy for getting grownups’ attention. Then, it’s time for a bit of hide-and-seek, Quatsch Monster-style! Where would you hide if you had a magical friend helping you?

  • S01 E03 - Chapter 3 - A Call to Brush-venture!

    S01 E03 - Chapter 3 - A Call to Brush-venture!

    Matt has discovered the secret to making oral-hygiene less boring! Appropriately, this chapter is about a very Quatschy approach to brushing teeth. But will Tilda regret the deal she has to make to get her full-service cleaning?

  • S01 E04 - Chapter 4 - Nina's Story

    S01 E04 - Chapter 4 - Nina's Story

    Don’t worry! Matt’s going to help get you down off that cliff. Then, in this chapter we don’t talk about Tilda OR Quatsch Monster, but rather tell a DIFFERENT story about a DIFFERENT kid and monster(s). Are you annoyed, angry, or ...