Episode notes

Vince (he/him) & Daz (he/him) are a couple of 15 years, who have set up their 'haven' on acreage in Ballarat. Vince is a proud Nguri-Illum Wurrung / Dja Dja Wurrung / Wurundjeri / Wamba Wemba artist and prop-maker by trade, who mainly works in Melbourne on film and theatre, while Daz is the renowned drag queen Philmah Bocks and so travels around performing as well as managing their Werkshop in Geelong.

In this episode, we will hear stories from Vince & Daz's relationship as well as from their lives before each other. They are quietly reflective about how for their generation most LGBTQIA+ people had to migrate to the cities to find safety and their communities. They express how far things have come, but how crucial it still is for there to be queer visibility within regional communities to help the next generations to feel safe and  ... 

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