Episode notes

Mez (she/her) is a 61 year old, cis-gendered, lesbian woman who works for Sunbury and Cobaw Community Health in their Way Out program for LGBTQIA+ youth.​

In this episode, Mez speaks passionately about the work she does with queer youth as well as what it was like for her as a young person. She shares a beautiful story about her first relationship and the way she has noticed things change over time. Particularly, the way the language changes and the need for us to change alongside it, so that everyone can be respected and referred to in a way that they feel identifies themselves. Mez also speaks about the way she has felt on the outer of some of her family relationships as she had children, but was not the birth mother and so when her relationship broke down it was heartbreakingly difficult to find where she still fit in the lives of her ch ... 

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