Irfon Watkins - CEO/Founder of DOVU

Planet of the Klimates by KlimaDAO

Episode notes

Irfon Watkins from DOVU joins your favorite Klimates in the studio to talk about the partnership between DOVU and Klima Infinity. Tune in to hear how DOVU and KlimaDAO are uniquely qualified to help fight climate change.

What they touch on:

(1:12) Introduction

(1:59) Irfon’s background

(7:36) High-quality carbon credits

(12:04) Using smaller units of account

(15:28) DOVU’s Marketplace

(18:12) Mission & Vision

(21:21) DOVU x KlimaDAO

(23:59) Solving climate change collectively

(28:47) DOVU alpha

(31:10) $DOVE tokenomics

(35:10) DOVU in 2033

(37:30) Key takeaways


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