Planet of the Klimates

by KlimaDAO

POTK is the official podcast for KlimaDAO. KlimaDAO is blockchain protocol backed by carbon credits that gives people a chance to fight climate change as a collective. Tune in the hear the latest news and insight regarding blockchain technology and climate science!

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Season 1 Finale

    Season 1 Finale

    Phaedrus and Reikuman wrap up Season 1 of POTK by looking back at the conversations and experiences they've had since the inception of the podcast. From talking to the World Economic Forum and pioneers in the ReFi movement to interviewing researchers using KlimaDAO as a case study, it's been an incredible journey. We couldn't have done it without the support of each and every one of you and we thank you for listening!POTK:Twitter https://www.klimadao.financeLove Letter Dashboard

  • Rex St John - Co-founder of ReFi Summit

    Rex St John - Co-founder of ReFi Summit

    Rex St John is a software engineer, technical evangelist and community organizer working on edge computing, IoT and web3 technologies. He joins us in the studio to talk about his motivation behind starting ReFi Summit and how the ReFi community can lay the foundation for a Network State centered around Regenerative Finance.What they touch on:(1:03) Rex Background(2:25) Why ReFi?(5:30) Need for ReFi Conference(7:26) ReFi's Impact(12:08) ReFi Network State(15:18) Lineup for 2nd ReFi Summit(19:23) Importance of human interactions(24:25) ReFi in 2033(29:05) Key TakeawaysLinks:ReFi Summit https://www.klimadao.financeLove Letter Dashboard

  • RMIT University - Marta Poblet & Andres Diaz

    RMIT University - Marta Poblet & Andres Diaz

    Professor Marta Poblet and PhD-Candidate Andres Diaz from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology joins us in the studio to talk about their research regarding ReFi and the Voluntary Carbon Markets. They dive into the role governance plays in ReFi and the inspiration behind applying economic theories to a nascent industry.What they touch on:(1:03) Andres Background(2:54) Marta Background(4:43) Why ReFi?(12:35) VCM as a Common Resource(16:42) Characteristics of ReFi Projects(20:11) What are Common Pool Resources?(23:40) Importance of Governance(27:08) Challenges Moving Forward(30:32) Key TakeawaysLinks:ReFi Paper https://www.klimadao.financeLove Letter Dashboard

  • Ben Stelter - Silverpine Founder & CEO

    Ben Stelter - Silverpine Founder & CEO

    Ben is the CEO and Founder of Silverpine - an early stage fintech startup which allows users to invest in high value classic cars. Ben joins Phaedrus and Reikuman in the studio to as they connect over their shared passion of cars and explore the opportunity of people being able to make micro investments in luxury products.What they touch on:(0:58) Ben's Background(2:42) Why Cars?(4:15) Fractional Investing(7:00) Finding Collectible Cars(9:18) Silverpine's Collection(10:42) Offsetting Historic Emissions & EV's(15:13) What's Next for Silverpine?(17:26) Unlocking the Asset Class(20:55) Key TakeawaysLinks:Silverpine Twitter https://www.klimadao.financeLove Letter Dashboard

  • 0xymoron - KlimaDAO Co-Founder

    0xymoron - KlimaDAO Co-Founder

    0xymoron is a serial problem solver and one of the early leaders behind KlimaDAO. As one of the pioneers, he joins Phaedrus and Reikuman in the studio to talk about his insight into the 'Why' behind KlimaDAO and the benefits of operating as a DAO.What they touch on:(1:03) Reflecting on 2022(3:26) Measuring Decentralization(7:55) DAO Business Model(9:16) Bridging Education Gap with ON SET(14:44) The Tragedy of the Commons(21:53) Digital Carbon Trends(26:29) Key TakeawaysLinks:0xymoron of the Commons https://www.klimadao.financeLove Letter Dashboard