POTK News Update

Planet of the Klimates by KlimaDAO

Episode notes

Did you miss out on the latest updates and news surrounding Klima?

No worries!

Your favorite apes > Phaedrus, REG, and DiamondHands guide you through all of the latest updates and juicy alpha that has been dropped the past few weeks.

Here's what they touch on:

(0:43) Episode recap: Luis Adaime

(2:59) POTK #1 on Goodpods

(4:39) YOUR Klima story

(5:20) Market research update: Klimate Survey

(6:47) Community update: Klimapalooza

(7:44) Klima Community

(9:00) Klima in the News

(11:41) Roots of Resilience

(15:40) KIP 8: KLIMA-USDC LP bonds

(16:41) New segment: MyKlimaStory

(17:16) MyKlimaStory: @Jamesco

(18:22) MyKlimaStory: @Trace

(20:34) MyKlimaStory: @SmallB4lls

(21:28) MyKlimaStory: @ethpancake

(23:57) Cl ... 

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