E16 - Navigating Haters and Trolls with Joe Pardo

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Haters and trolls have been on the internet, spreading unnecessary hate to for years. In this episode, we have invited business optimization strategist Joe Pardo to chat about his experience dealing with haters and trolls on the internet. He is a blogger, podcaster, and YouTuber and he has some helpful insights that he uses to move past t  ...  See more
Aug 24 2022

Episode 16-Navigating Haters and Trolls with Joe Pardo FINAL
Intro: 00:02
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Ashley Grant: 00:21
Hey everyone, Ashley here with RSS.com. And I'm so excited to have Super Joe Pardo here, Joe, welcome to the show.

Joe Pardo: 00:28
Hey, how you doing Ashley Grant?

Ashley Grant: 00:31
I am very excited. Very, very excited. Can you do us a favor and tell us what it is you do?

Joe Pardo: 00:35
Oh, what is it that I do? So, I am a business optimization strategist working on operations through the team, the offer and the process. I've been a content creator since 1996, with blogging and eventually in the podcasting, as well as YouTube. And I love working and helping small business owners, be

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