Chapter 2

Peaceful Parenting by Stefan Molyneux, MA

Episode notes
Introduction If the world is hell, it is because of childhood.The unhappiness, misery, pain and violence of the world have all been “explained” according to various theories, all designed to distract us from the central, core and highly personal issue.Socialists explain that the world is hell because of rampant economic and environmental exploitation – without ever asking why people end up so coldhearted that they can use and dispose of fellow human beings through the chilly physics of grim economic utility.Theologians explain that the world is hell because human beings are born sinful, and have to be beaten and terrorized into even a remote approximation of virtue.Educators explain that the world is hell because children are willful and disobedient, and have to be threatened and bullied into pursuing knowledge and accepting conformity.Anti ...   ...  Read more