Part of the Party: A D&D Actual Play PodcastExplicit

by Connor Wind

A D&D actual play podcast! Humor, intrigue, buzzwords, byzantine bureaucracy, missing cats and more! Join our intrepid explorers, a living plant, a shifty noble, an elf who is down for whatever, and a disgruntled pediatrician as they venture into the world of Daeson. Gather round and have fun as a Part of the Party! For any feedback please reach out to  

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • S01 E01 - Episode 1: Beers, Brawls, and Bones

    S01 E01 - Episode 1: Beers, Brawls, and Bones Explicit

    The first episode of Part of the Party!Byzantine bureaucracy, poisoned beer, a walking plant man and more!For any feedback please email partofthepartypodcast@gmail.comWe hope to have the next episode out in a couple weeks and shou...