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Museums Up is a smart tool that gives you the opportunity to explore in a direct and informal way issues concerning museums and cultural heritage management through professionals. These series of Podcasts are hosted by Jaime López of Arte Sostenible and produced by the ReInHerit project (funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 101004545). New episodes every two weeks! ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Digital sustainability in museums

    Digital sustainability in museums

    Prof. Conxa Rodà, former head of strategy and digital innovation at the @museunacional of Art in Catalonia, and professor at the @uocuniversitat of Catalonia, will give us valuable guidelines on how to ensure the longevity of digital initiatives in museums, address key challenges in digital sustainability, and mitigate the environmental impact of digital strategies through green measures in the cultural sector.

  • Emotional Museums

    Emotional Museums

    Elisa Bruttini professor at the Siena University (Italy), and scientific director of the Musei Senesi Foundation, explains the role of emotions in designing museums: how emotions are a pre-condition for learning and how they facilitate emotional experiences and even aim to foster empathy in visitors

  • The Transforming Museum: the importance of the museographic language

    The Transforming Museum: the importance of the museographic language

    Prof. Erik Stengler, Ph.D. in Astrophysics and Assistant Professor in Science Museum Studies at the @sunyoneonta (State University of New York at Oneonta in Cooperstown) will chat about the evolution of the museographic language, its role in crafting meaningful visitor experiences, and the challenges museums encounter in making this language universally accessible to a diverse, global audience.

  • Unveiling ‘Mind Museums’: How Disused Buildings are Reborn as Unique Museums

    Unveiling ‘Mind Museums’: How Disused Buildings are Reborn as Unique Museums

    Do you want to dive into the adaptive reuse of buildings in museums? Francesca Lanz, assistant professor of Interior Architecture at Northumbria University, Department of Architecture and Built Environment, will chat with us about the transformation of existing spaces into museums, balancing preserving the building's character with modern museum requirements, and exploring the fascinating concept of 'mind museums'.

  • Innovation and Digitization in Cultural Heritage

    Innovation and Digitization in Cultural Heritage

    Dr. Martín López Nores, a Telecommunications Engineer from the University of Vigo and a maestro in the realm of cutting-edge tech, will discuss how digitalization and innovation have transformed the preservation and accessibility of our precious cultural heritage.We'll also explore the challenges and ethical considerations that come along with this digital journey. And, don't miss it, we'll even chat about how AI systems like ChatGPT can play a role in this exciting field!