9 - Mothermouth Musings 3: Who shouts the loudest - wisdom and 'abundance' in the age of capitalism and social media

Mothermouth by Steph Wehowski

Episode notes

In this episode I will ponder about my worries and concerns about how wisdom is viewed these days and how the concept of abundance is experienced by people in the modern world. 

I am still trying to unpack this myself, and I would like to get to the bottom of it.

Wisdom and abundance - Two seemingly very different subjects. I feel they are interlinked though and I wonder how.

Who is seen as wise these days in our modern secular world? Who do people ‘follow’? Who do people chose for advice in spiritual, life and healing matters? How does the race for attention impact the depth and authenticity of the wisdom we encounter especially in social media platforms and the paths of engagement like ‘educational’ courses or communities we find online? Does this not foster egocentric or megalomaniac notion of people’s importance when mo ... 

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