8 - Mothermouth Musings 2: Pilgrimages & New Year's Greetings

Mothermouth by Steph Wehowski

Episode notes

After having taken a long break over the winter solstice and Xmas holidays, I am slowly weaving my way back into the world with some ruminations and reflections that I have pondered about during that time.

One subject that has been especially occupying my thoughts are the planning of a new 'pilgrimage' - I have already done two and they were both along the courses of rivers, one was the Thames which I walked with a friend and then my birth river called the Trave along which I canoed.

As there are a lot of endings in my life right now - divorce of my marriage and long partnership, restructure of our family set up, moving from the home we have been in for the last 5 years, and my medical herbalist studies coming to a conclusion - and new beginnings in the air like stepping into menopause, new home, new life stage, I am  ... 

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