7 - Mothermouth Musings 1: The power of language - coaches, guides and the old hierarchical structures

Mothermouth by Steph Wehowski

Episode notes

The first instalment of Mothermouth Musings! :)

I have decided to intersperse Mothermouth's interviews with maybe to be considered more 'philosophical' musings and ponderings of mine, that have recently come up. These will be short recordings around topics that have recently caught my attention.

Maybe I will publish these musings under a written blog, but for now time constraints are keeping them to audio recordings which I think works quite well.

With the recent explosion of offerings in coaching and mentoring and online courses in knowledge sharing I ponder about how typical word usage in the field of health and spiritual development actually undermine the essence of what they are claiming to help people with.

For me, the words 'coach' or 'guide' in themselves denote a power discrepancy or hierarchical set up, which migh ... 

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