5 - Postnatal care & baby language in integrative baby therapy - Joy Horner as The Wise Woman On The Hill

Mothermouth by Steph Wehowski

Episode notes

In this episode I have the great pleasure of talking to Joy Horner, the Wise Woman on the Hill, who is based in Glastonbury, UK.

Joy is a remarkable woman who has gone through the most challenging and difficult situations and tests on her journey from being a midwife to sacred birth keeper, and finally artist.

We hear about her journey from working in very medicalised and active interventionist way to becoming a sacred birth keeper who mainly holds safe space for the birthing woman to do what she needs to do, sleeping a lot along the way. She talks about pivotal moments and describes her reflections on what was positive about the hospital birth care environment in the 1980s and what is lacking now.

Although I had wanted to talk to Joy about challenges, medical emergencies and realistic expectations for women in pregnancy and bir ... 

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