Is Your eCommerce Business Ready for In-House Counsel?

May It Please The Internet by John Di Giacomo & Eric Misterovich

Episode notes

Eric is joined by Chris Carol, Associate Attorney at Revision Legal. Chris shares his prior experience as in-house corporate legal counsel for a variety of different entrepreneurs throughout his career and how he applies this to his work with Revision Legal.

Is Your E-commerce Business Ready for In-House Counsel?

Episode Outline:


• Welcome to May it Please the Internet

• Intro to Chris

◦ Chris joined in 2021, previous experience working in-house

◦ Chris, explain who you are, past experience in general terms, etc.

• Topic

◦ Here today to talk about whether your eCommerce business is ready for in-house counsel

◦ What is in-house counsel and what do they do?

▪ Oversight over legal issues for entire business


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