by Marconi Puma

The suicide logs of Marconi, a man who promised to never kill himself but occasionally deals with dark thoughts. Hoping to connect people through himself. These podcasts consist of self therapy sessions with himself, interviews, and endless rants on things that make him upset but allowing his out loud thoughts to convince him that everything will be ok and being extremely upset about anything is just silly sometimes. Send ... Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 5

  • S05 E209 - Lamar Thorpe

    S05 E209 - Lamar Thorpe

    Lamar A. Thorpe is the 41st mayor of Antioch, CAWe discussed Water politics, Police reform, the challenges the city faces when it comes to climate change, Art funding, the expansion of Antioch and the possible benefits of it, What...

  • S05 E208 - Peters Perspective hour 8: Sideways Infinity

    S05 E208 - Peters Perspective hour 8: Sideways Infinity

    Mark twain awards, Dane cook guest announcement, this is the best Peter has felt in a long time. Recorded 7/28/2022email

  • S05 E207 - Erin Lee Hunter

    S05 E207 - Erin Lee Hunter

    Erin Hunter is an MMA and muay thai fighter. We fought over 4 years ago and have kept in touch since. We shared both of our perspectives going into our fight and our views on the sport of MMA in general. We covered anxiety, per...

  • S05 E206 - Poetry Night

    S05 E206 - Poetry Night

    I documented my first poetry night. It was a great experience and met some cool artistsshoutout to everyone who participated in the event. I'm also thankful that they let me do a little bit of comedy. Hopefully there will be mo...

  • S05 E205 - Light heavyweight

    S05 E205 - Light heavyweight

    Little audio blog from the last show I did and how I felt about it after. Met up with predwatch. Decided I'm going to do a poetry open mic. check out the set I did