Magellans at the Movies

by Nathan Magalhaes

Welcome to Magellans at the Movies, the outrageously popular* new podcast about all things movies brought to you by Nathan “I-can’t-believe-I-ate-the-whole-thing” Magalhães and his brother Elliot “Who-on-Earth-is-going-to-listen-to-a-podcast-we-make” Magalhães! (*Outrageous popularity pending) Join the brothers Magalhães (Anglicized as Magellan) as they bicker and banter about movies no one has seen or cares about or that ha ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • The Magellans on the Star Wars Franchise

    The Magellans on the Star Wars Franchise

    It really is impossible to overstate just how ubiquitous Star Wars is as a franchise. It’s easier to find the Ark of the Covenant than it is to find someone so culturally illiterate, so far removed from the bright center of the galaxy that they’ve never heard of George Lucas’ civilization dominating brainchild. Star Wars means many different things to many different people, and today, for some reason, Magellans at the Movies is revealing what it means to them. And not just the movies, but the video games, and the TV shows too! That’s right, Star Warriors, today Nathan and Elliot will be reviewing THE ENTIRE Star Wars franchise, or at least every bit of it that they have experienced. It’s all Star Wars all the time on today’s episode, so if that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea then we don’t serve your kind here, you’ll have to wait outside. For the rest of us, this is where the fun begins so draw your nostalgia bath and take a dip as we go once more to a galaxy far, far away. Prepare to be impressed, most impressed!

  • Psycho


    It’s been a long day on the road. You’ve annoyed the locals of whatever tourist trap you’ve been to, you’ve been swindled out of your life savings in exchange for two post cards and commemorative mug, and now you’re looking to cap off a successful day with a good night’s kip. This poses a problem, however, because you forgot to pack your house, and now you need shelter for the cold night. Well, you’re in luck, because thousands of years ago some bright young entrepreneur came up with the idea of the inn, where you can rest your feet in a comfortable room for a small fee. Gradually this business model evolved into modern motels, and, let’s be honest, some of them can be pretty sketchy. But even the grimiest of backroad hostels isn’t (usually) a place you can expect to be murdered. That kind of thing is usually the fare of movies such as Psycho, Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 book-based thriller/slasher/horror movie that blew the movie world wide-open. Psycho was a truly watershed moment in film history; it shocked audiences with a constant supply of twists and violence that was considered extreme for the time. Even if you’ve never heard of Psycho, you’ve felt the effects it had on movies, and today we’re revisiting this legendary picture on a brand spanking new installment of Magellans at the Movies! After all, we all need a little podcasting sometimes.

  • Training Day

    Training Day

    Bosses, amirite? American civilization is practically founded on the idea that the 9-5 worker drone one tier above you is a bit of a handful, denying you overtime, forcing you to give up your vacation days, and making that promotion contingent upon you laughing at their lame jokes to a not insignificant degree. All of that’s bad, of course, but at least we can be grateful that supervisor Greg doesn’t take us on an increasingly dangerous tour of Los Angeles’ criminal underbelly while skillfully positioning us for his own dastardly schemes. That, unfortunately, is the lot of Jake Hoyt in the 2001 crime thriller Training Day, and his supervisor Greg is the peerless Denzel Washington in an Oscar-winning turn as a charismatic but manipulative police officer. Training Day is a strong bit of early 2000s drugs-and-thugs drama elevated by some truly stellar acting, and today your Magellans at the Movies will be evaluating it because of reasons. Hide your badge and sharpen your slang because we’re going undercover!

  • Barry Lyndon

    Barry Lyndon

    Ah, to be an Irish rogue in the 1700s. It was such a glorious time if your name was Charles, last name The Twelfth or if you were a doctor peddling in leech based medicinal techniques. Fortunately for those of us who are neither we can just watch the goings on of this time via the magical technology of moving pictures, and even more fortunately we can then hear them being discussed by geniuses in the art of film criticism or in this case by underqualified Brazilian-Americans with some time on their hands. This week we're covering the much-lauded period drama Barry Lyndon by the legendary director Stanley Kubrick. It's been hailed as a classic since its release, but now let's discover how these two brothers feel. Listen in to find out!!!

  • Jaws


    Nature is full of dangerous animals. Bears, alligators, lions, and honey badgers are all vicious, aggressive predators that, if given the chance, will happily kill and eat a human who, despite being firmly atop the food chain, are comparatively fragile and much shorter on pointy bits than your average apex predator. Depending on your galeophobia levels, you may have noticed one animal that I didn’t list just a minute ago: sharks. That’s because sharks aren’t actually that interested in eating humans, and experts generally agree that the few shark attacks that do occur each year do so when a shark mistakes a human for a seal, the idiots. Not so in the world of Jaws, a 1975 creature feature based on the book of the same name and directed by Steven Spielberg that spotlighted a shark of supernatural bloodlust. Inaccurate though it may be, Jaws was a watershed moment in movie history, practically inventing the effects-heavy thrills and chills-focused summer blockbuster. Now that the summer is winding down, the Magellans thought they would enjoy one last taste of the golden months before fall by diving (pun) back into the awesome aquatic action of this quintessential summer flick. We’re gonna need a bigger podcast!