Eternally Speaking Now: Leanna Bolden

by Leanna Bolden

Testimonials, devotionals, and teachings that provide inspiration and encouragement for daily living. Listen and be set free to thrive in the life you were uniquely and beautifully designed to live! For downloadable/printable versions of all podcasts, visit the Blogs & Writings page at

Podcast episodes

  • The Serpent & The Light

    The Serpent & The Light

    You are invincible in Christ Jesus! Check out this unique phenomenon that captures and delivers a powerful message of truth and light. Nothing can steal your calling, blessings, or abundance in the Lord.

  • Answers To Answers Double

    Answers To Answers Double

    We all want answers, don't we? What shall we do? How shall we do it? Where shall we go? When shall we go there? What if there were a way we could not only get answers to those questions, but also get double what we wanted...even beyond what we could think to ask? Listen to this modern-day parable and get all the answers you need (and more).

  • Time Remaining

    Time Remaining

    How many minutes do you have? Here is a short but timely lesson from a clock and a carwash.

  • The WARsh Room

    The WARsh Room

    After 3 1/2 years, I'm finally released and ready to share a dream I had, along with the overwhelmingly life-changing occurrences that took place following it. You don't want to miss this documentation of an incredible journey-- one that has not only spilled over to the lives of others but I believe will also overflow into your life as well. Today. As you listen, may the Lord 'do it again!'

  • Out For Delivery

    Out For Delivery

    The truth is, it's been given to you, it's yours, you own it, and you've got it! Then why does it sometimes seem like this isn't real or true? It may be that it's out for delivery but still in transit. Read here to discover what 'it' is and how to embrace it as you await its delivery on your doorstep.