The #LCRR Podcast

by Joey Zanaboni

A dive into the world of sports broadcasting, comedy and life presented by the "first real millennial sports announcer," Joey Zanaboni.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Episode 5 (Bryce Weiler)

    Episode 5 (Bryce Weiler)

    Bryce Weiler joins The #LCRR Podcast to talk about his foundation The Beautiful Lives Project, his work as a disability consultant with the Baltimore Orioles, and more!

  • Episode 4 (Mike Claiborne)

    Episode 4 (Mike Claiborne)

    St. Louis media legend and voice of the Cardinals Mike Claiborne joins The #LCRR Podcast to discuss the upcoming MLB season, race relations in St. Louis, his advice for young broadcasters and more.

  • Episode 3 (Mike Rooney)

    Episode 3 (Mike Rooney)

    Former Arizona State coach and current ESPN commentator Mike Rooney discusses college baseball, life in the Covid-19 crisis and more! #LCRR

  • Episode 2 (Ellory Smith)

    Episode 2 (Ellory Smith)

    Twitter sensation Ellory Smith joins The #LCRR Podcast to talk writing for Robot Chicken, her stand-up career, the Covid-19 pandemic, and more!

  • Episode 1 (Boog Sciambi)

    Episode 1 (Boog Sciambi)

    ESPN's Jon Sciambi joins the podcast to discuss the state of baseball, what he's been up to during the COVID-19 crisis, and more! #LCRR