The Wielders Of Light in: Let's Save Santa!!

Last Light City Comics by Hyper & Danni

Episode notes

Santa Claus is in trouble!!! There’s only one team who can help.

Where the light shines! Hope Will Stand! Wielders Of Light! GO!!!

Thank you for listening to LAST LIGHT CITY COMICS!

This episode was played using a butchered version of Henshin! Published by Cave Of Monsters Games. https://www.caveofmonstersgames.com/games/henshin

This episode is GM'd by Justin AKA Hyper, who can be found on twitter at RadioAirHyper.

Victoria Nikkols AKA RED NITRO is played by Danni Hart, who can be found on twitter @BattiDanni, and at her website: battidanni.weebly.com.

Vic Spyair AKA PINK TOWLINE was played by Adam Collier, who can be found on twitter @animenite97.

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