Hey everybody, welcome to episode number 13 of the KMO show.
I am KMO and this is the show.
So in this episode I am going to share the continuation of a conversation that started
in the most recent episode of the C-Realm Vault podcast.
It is with my longtime friend and fellow traveler on the Peak Oil Road, Dermot O'Connor, the
angry animator.
I first met Dermot in Portland, Oregon in 2013.
I was doing a couch surfing speaking tour with my then girlfriend Olga and my old 1991
Ford Ranger pickup truck.
We drove from New York City all the way to the West Coast and back in that truck and
did several speaking gigs that various C-Realm podcast listeners and supporters had
set up for me and made some money along the way.
But then the truck broke down a couple of times and basically we broke even

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