by Ryan Wyett & Jessica Brock

Jarred - Jess, Amber, Ryan & Dougie! From all corners of the globe we bring you; Conspiracy Theories, Urban Legends, Unsolved Mysteries and most recently, Serial Killers, all from our own respected countries! You'll be left feeling quite...Jarred after listening to us... 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 6

  • S06 E12 - Christopher Robin Worrell

    S06 E12 - Christopher Robin WorrellExplicit

    And that's a wrap! Season 6 Serial Killers ends here with Dougie giving us the low down of The Truro Murderers, Christopher Robin Worrell and his accomplish James Miller, also madly in love with Worrell. Going on a spree of pickin...

  • S06 E11 - Lee Ford

    S06 E11 - Lee FordExplicit

    Once again we are down to just 3 cast members, Ryan's back but Amber is not. But it's okay, Ryan brings Lee Ford to our attention, a family annihilator from Cornwall England who strangled his wife and his 4 step children, one afte...

  • S06 E10 - Nancy Doss

    S06 E10 - Nancy DossExplicit

    We're getting into the habit of their only being 3 of us present per episode. We're Ryan down which means no video. But Amber brings fourth Nancy Doss, AKA The Giggling Granny, AKA The Lonely Hearts Killer. Swiping up her victims ...

  • S06 E09 - Madame Popova

    S06 E09 - Madame PopovaExplicit

    We're in the last leg of Season 6! This is Jess' last episode for the serial killers and though it's another short and sweet. It's a whopper! Russian serial killer Madame Popova claims killed over 300 people in the 1800s after sta...

  • S06 E08 - Arnold Sodeman

    S06 E08 - Arnold SodemanExplicit

    Welcome to our shortest episode ever! Ryan isn't here, we lose Amber mid recording and even though Dougie wasn't prepared he pulled one hell of a story together! Arnold Sodeman, AKA The Schoolgirl Strangler. #SerialKillers #Arnold...