by Matt Hines

People everyday are trying to figure life out and make sure we feel successful at doing it. For me, Matt Hines, this journey has led me to want to understand more about people's own successes in life. Not the objective ones like Fortune, Fame and Glory, but the dark valley’s people had to rise up through to get to the next peak within their life’s journey. I’m doing this as a sort of time capsule for myself to better understand... Read more

Podcast episodes

  • E08 - #008 | Jade Michael

    E08 - #008 | Jade Michael

    Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah , Jade is a former student at MSU where she has been finishing up her degree in Psychoneuroimmunology with the hopes that she can give back to the world what she has found to be so passionate abou...

  • E07 - #007 | Stetson Lawrence

    E07 - #007 | Stetson Lawrence

    Stetson Lawrence is former professional Bull Rider who competed on the PBR and before suffering a career ending injury, was 4th in the world climbing the ranks as an unlikely hero from Williston, ND.

  • E06 - #006 | Dylan Halverson

    E06 - #006 | Dylan Halverson

    From Great Falls, MT to the top of a mountain on psychedelics, Dylan Halverson has been exploring not only his own inner guidance of life but his psychological fortitude towards what it means to be a human on this earth, searching...

  • E05 - #005 | Kyrie & Michaela

    E05 - #005 | Kyrie & Michaela

    What if a friend or a partner asked you to do an adventure into the unknown with them? I believe we’ve all told ourselves we’d follow that person we admire, long for or even someone we love, to the edge of the earth and back but s...

  • E04 - #004 | Tammie Jacobs

    E04 - #004 | Tammie Jacobs

    Tammi Jacobs is a former Fitness Director at Ridge Athletics. From graduating at ASU to working in the medical field as a biologist, Tammi learned about health from both the scientific understanding as well as the more practical o...