Feste Group’s Abby Cadman and Tegan Waters Join The Delish Guestlist

The Delish Guestlist Podcast by The Beat Asia

Episode notes
Australian Abby Cadman and Brit Tegan Waters run Feste Group, a newly formed partnership delivering the finest of parties and experiences in Hong Kong consisting of the cities' leading catering company Gingers, alongside bespoke, opulent event planning company Relish. The pair of Hong Kong momprenuers joined the F&B industry to serve their ever-lasting love for creating great food experiences to a larger scale than any group in Hong Kong has served, conceptualising and hosting soirees enviable of anyone. Planning for a summer set with a calendar worth of events blowing out the previous four years, with an estimated 100 parties planned every month amidst Hong Kong’s energy returning to its heydays, Abby and Tegan join The Delish Guestlist to share their experience of running Hong Kong’s leading catering and events company.
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